Well, hello there

Author Kimberly Pauley

Hiya! You’ve managed to stumble across the website of award winning author Kimberly Pauley.

I write stuff, mostly for kids, teens, and tweens (but sometimes for adults). Mostly I write funny books, but occasionally they are kind of serious and maybe even a bit spooky (but usually also funny, because I can’t help it). Sometimes I write short stories, often with titles given to me by someone else.

I love to teach writing workshops to kids of all ages (including the young at heart). Drop me a note anytime!

I have too many hobbies, too many books, and can talk your ear off about myths and legends and the history of gnomes and other fairy tale creatures. Yep. I’m super fun at parties.

Happy World Book Day!

I had a lovely time this morning doing a Crowdcast talk as part of Scholastic’s celebration of one of my favourite weeks of the year. Over 4000 attendees (Eep!) signed on to listen to me babble…er…talk about creating characters. They got to see my pandemic hair (spoiler: it’s big) and hear why I’m not fond of dentists AND even get a sneak peek at a character in the second Accidental Wizard book. You can watch the replay of the session if you want (you’ll have to sign up for Crowdcast & use the password clubsandfairs)!

Anyway, to continue the celebration, anyone who attended OR watches it now who can tell me the name (first only is fine) of the character you got a peek at will be entered to win a free Q&A Zoom/Teams chat with me! Giveaway ends 1 April 2021.

Out Now!

I’m very pleased to announce that my new book, The Accidental Wizard is now out from Scholastic. It’s illustrated by the amazing Jason Cockcroft!

It’s my first middle grade book (ages 8 to 12) and my first to be fully illustrated! In it you’ll meet Twig Thicket, a lowly wizard’s apprentice who accidentally becomes the greatest wizard in all the Kingdoms…and who soon discovers that isn’t as wonderful a thing as you might think.