Well, hello there

You’ve managed to find the website of award winning author Kimberly Pauley. I write stuff, mostly for kids and teens, but sometimes for adults. Mostly I write funny books, but occasionally they are kind of serious and maybe even a bit spooky. Sometimes I write poetry, though it isn’t as angsty as it was when I was fifteen. Sometimes I write short stories, usually with titles given to me by someone else. I paint miniatures, mostly for D&D and Warhammer (I do the D&D, my son does the Warhammer). I handmake magic wands, eclectic “found” jewellery, and knit scarves that are far too long unless you happen to be a giraffe. I take pictures, mostly documenting my Expat life in the UK and all the random things I make. You could say that I collect hobbies the way some people collect knick knacks and tchotchkes.

Basically, I make stuff.

I hope you’ll enjoy the stuff I make.

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