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Author Kimberly Pauley

Hiya! You’ve managed to stumble across the website of award winning author Kimberly Pauley.

I write stuff, mostly for kids, teens, and tweens (but sometimes for adults). Mostly I write funny books, but occasionally they are kind of deadly and maybe even a bit spooky (but usually also funny, because I can’t help it).

Sometimes I write short stories for anthologies and somehow they always wind up weird and wacky, even if everyone else writes a Very. Serious. Story. (You may have gathered that being dignified is not my strong point.)

Sometimes I write scenarios and encounters for role playing games (RPGs aka Dungeons & Dragons), usually with a splash of humour amid the hacking & slashing. Twice they have involved adventuring INSIDE a gargantuan monster’s internal organs (No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me).

And sometimes I even write poetry, though they are a lot less angst-y than the ones I wrote when I was a teenager. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly random, I’ll offer to write poems for people on Twitter (I’m not sure if that’s a reason to follow me or NOT follow me).

I also really love to teach writing workshops to kids of all ages (including the young at heart). Drop me a note anytime! Much like a Reddit AMA, you can always Ask Me Anything.

I have too many hobbies (painting! knitting! 3D printing! walking! otome games! Korean dramas! sculpting!), too many books (you can never have too many books), and can talk your ear off about myths and legends and the history of gnomes and other fairy tale creatures. Yep. I’m super fun at parties.

Coming Soon!

A Peculiar Problem

I’m very pleased to announce that the second Accidental Wizard book, A Peculiar Problem is coming out this year from Scholastic. It’s illustrated by the lovely Robin Boyden!

How shiny is that cover?? How excited am I to have you read it??

5 May 2022. Write it down!

Actually, you should totally just go and pre-order it right now from wherever it is you like to buy books from (bonus points if it’s from a bookshop you can walk into and say “Hi!” to someone who loves to read as much as I do).

And then send me pictures of you with the book when it arrives. Or of the book on top of your sleeping cat or dog. Books + Furry Friends!

Dude! You could make my year. No, my decade!

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