Well, hello there

You’ve managed to find the website of award winning author Kimberly Pauley. I write stuff, mostly for kids and teens, but sometimes for adults. Mostly I write funny books, but occasionally they are kind of serious and maybe even a bit spooky. Sometimes I write poetry, though it isn’t as angsty as it was when I was fifteen. Sometimes I write short stories, usually with titles given to me by someone else. I paint miniatures, mostly for D&D and Warhammer (I do the D&D, my son does the Warhammer). I handmake magic wands, eclectic “found” jewellery, and knit scarves that are far too long unless you happen to be a giraffe. I take pictures, mostly documenting my Expat life in the UK and all the random things I make. You could say that I collect hobbies the way some people collect knick knacks and tchotchkes.

Basically, I make stuff.

I hope you’ll enjoy the stuff I make.


The Latest Randomness from the Blog

The Bet: 2018: Audible Magic (a short story for YOU) - It's that time of year again...The Bet. Wherein some writers get together and make a wager (no money involved, only words) on the Kentucky Derby. I once again lost, though I think this is the first year that the horses we picked (myself, Brian Farrey and Catherine Ryan Hyde this year) came in first, second and third. So we're getting better. Usually I'm somewhere around dead last...or at least it feels that way. Catherine gave ...Read More
The Bet 2017: The Sock Bumbler - Every year for *mumble something mumble* years, I have participated in a bet with some fellow authors wherein the losers have to write short stories with titles given to them by whoever lost less (it's on the Kentucky Derby). It was all started by Brian Farrey (who was inspired by Stephen King). Catherine Ryan Hyde has also been a glutton for punishment and participated every year while Andrew Smith has joined us most years. This ...Read More
Happy World Book Day! - You've gotta love a day that celebrates books and reading! I know I do. This morning I did a fantasy map building workshop for Max's class and found them to be amazingly creative cartographers! It was loads of fun and I think the kids had a great time. And this afternoon I had a Skype visit with a school that was just really, really lovely. There was an entire roomful of kids but they were ...Read More