Ask Me + Last Summer = Awesomesauce

If you’ve read Ask Me already (and if not, um…why not??) you’ll know that music is HUGELY important to Aria (the main character…seriously, get reading…). Each chapter starts with a song, a couple of which have lyrics as well*. One of those is the chapter titled Candy Case, which is a song by Last Summer. They rock. Seriously.


And the guys in the band were cool enough to put together a new music video for the song with a cameo for Ask Me! How cool is that?

So, spread the word and the video. Honestly, as many times as I’ve heard the song (and all the others), I can’t believe I still love it. I had Aria’s playlist on repeat the entire time I was writing and revising the book. I know ALL the words. Trust me.

Here’s an extra tidbit for you…Aria is from Michigan originally and transplanted to Florida. Why Michigan? Heck, I’ve never even been there. Well, because that’s where Last Summer is from. They’re not a huge band (yet–they totally should be) and I wanted to include that song for Aria, but also wanted a reason for her to have heard of them even though she lives way down in Florida. So that’s why she’s from Michigan.

From the book:

I was born in Michigan, in the cold and the snow, but four years here had made me a child of the heat. I did not miss the cold or the brittle stares of the girls who had once been my friends, before my gift had turned them against me. Who wants a friend who only speaks the truth?

* Want an insight into the publishing process? Originally, each chapter was supposed to have a lyric as well as a song title and the advance copies did. My editor thought we could go with the “10 words or less” rule for quoting lyrics. For those that I needed more than 10 words, I tried contacting the bands or appropriate people to get permission (like Last Summer and Boys Like Girls). Some of them I found absolutely impossible to track down (like The Pierces…I gave up after getting passed around to 5 different people, with no one being able to help me). Then right at the end, after further reviewing potential legal ramifications, my publisher decided it would be safer to not use any lyrics we didn’t have explicit permission for, no matter the word count. There wasn’t time to try and track down any more rights holders and that’s why only a couple of chapters have lyrics now and most are just song titles. Hopefully I’ll be able to track down some more for the paperback version due out next year because, I tell ya’, I spent HOURS picking out the appropriate lyrics for each chapter! I’d really love to be able to use them!


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