Author Visits

Hi there! If there’s one thing I love more than hearing from readers, it’s meeting them (virtually or in real life). I have a number of workshops and presentations that I do for readers (and writers!) both young and old (though I’m always happy to talk to you about other programs if you have some specific ideas):


The Writing Life
All about working in your pyjamas, the writing process, and how the industry works. Includes an overview of my background and books. Suitable for all ages, including adults (content may differ depending on the audience). This can be complimented with some workshop breakout sessions as well.

Character Building
How to build believable and engaging characters (perfect for young writers, 10+). This is an interactive workshop and will provide writers with some different methods for building characters as well as how to use what you know about your characters in plotting your novel.

Fantasy Mapmaking and World Building
An interactive workshop featuring map making and fantasy world building. Uses real world examples from my own research and books. Suitable for all ages and lots of fun! Here’s where you get a chance to get a glimpse into my (very random) notebooks and see what makes an author tick.

She had my students enthralled when she walked in sporting vampire teeth and a mischievous grin! She kept the magic going through writing games, and when we Skyped with her even my most jaded reader begged to read more of her new book!
—Josh Newhouse, Tampa Librarian and Reading Advocate

Ask Me Anything

I also offer Q&A “Ask Me Anything” sessions. (Hint: If you have shy readers on hand, the organiser may wish to prepare some questions in advance. I’m happy to suggest some topics if you’re not sure where to get started!)

Please contact me for more information. I can’t wait to meet you! I promise I won’t actually wear pyjamas to the visit. Er, maybe.