Book a Skype…Get a Free Book!

Are you a librarian? Teacher? Book club? Writing Group? As a special limited time only promotion (from now until the end of May), if you book a free Skype chat with me, you’ll also get a free copy of Ask Me.

Ask Me

My author copies arrived!

Yep. Free. Freeeeeeeeee.

The Skype can be scheduled for any time in the next six months, but you’ll need to book it by the end of May 2014. So get on it, people! I can’t wait to talk to you!

By the way, as with all my Skypes, you also get a swag pack afterwards which includes bookmarks, temporary tattoos, and personalized, signed bookplates to any of the participants who want one. This is one of the only way to get signed bookplates from me now, as I no longer just mail them out any time due to postage costs from the UK to the US. So, bonus! Yay!

And remember, you can Ask Me Anything!


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