In which Publisher’s Weekly calls ASK ME a “well-executed mystery”

Exciting day yesterday! My editor sent me the final cover for ASK ME (and it is beautiful and full of blurbs from my amazing author peeps and gives me the warm fuzzies and just, you know, generally brings me joy), heard from the lady recording the audio book (yes, Aria’s name is pronounced in the Opera way), and I found this review of ASK ME from Publisher’s Weekly:

Pauley (Cat Girl’s Day Off) updates the conceit of a compulsively truthful, Cassandralike protagonist in this well-executed mystery. Aria, 17, is both mysterious and familiar—the girl cringing in the corner, mumbling weird stuff. It’s not awkwardness or a wretched home life that makes her behave this way, though. Aria is an oracle, who must answer truthfully every question she hears. She doesn’t have conscious access to most of this knowledge, and she’s often confused by what she says. After classmate Jade goes missing, it’s Aria who gives the crucial clue that leads to discovery of the body. But when she is drawn into the quest to discover Jade’s killer, the twists of her oracular gift obscure the answer until it’s nearly too late. Pauley’s characterizations are superior, and the startling, sometimes painful things Aria says make for sharp dialogue. The only stumble is in the denouement, when the emotions built over the preceding pages unravel too quickly and superficially. For the most part, however, this is an absorbing and resonant read. Ages 14–up. Agent: Susanna Einstein, Einstein Thompson Agency. (Apr.)

Which also makes me warm and happy. And OMG they used the words “superior” and “absorbing” and “resonant”! I’ve never been resonant before! 😉 I’m okay with the bit about the ending…some people will like it and some people won’t, but overall I think that’s an amazing review and I am giddy happy giggly over it. And Kirkus. Still can’t get over them giving me a good review for ASK ME too!

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