Did you always want to be a writer?

The short answer: YES. I have always written. I still have my notebooks from when I was a teen/tween (back before they ever labeled you as a “tween”). Writing is what kept me sane. It still does (sort of).

The long answer: Well, yeah, though I also wanted to do a lot of other things. I grew up in a rather non-traditional house as both of my parents were artists of a sort and traveled around to art shows for a living (my mother painted and my father did woodwork). As a teen, I craved a bit more stability and normalcy so I had this idea that I wanted to grow up and have a “normal” job with a steady paycheck and things like that. It didn’t stop me from being an English major at University (and yes, I’ve heard that “Do you want fries with that?” joke many times) but once I graduated I held a series of normal, boring jobs (I worked for a lot of big companies like Ernst & Young, IBM, and AT&T Labs).

I kind of hated it.

When I got the chance to write full time, I jumped on it. So, in some ways, I feel a bit like I’ve come full circle.

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