Do you have a favorite YA Lit author interview from your YA Lit days?

(Question from Jeff on Facebook. You too can ask me anything.)

Yes, I do**. I have to say that I absolutely had the most amazing time getting to chat to Clive Barker on the telephone for around an hour or so. I was a bit starstruck, I have to admit, but he was incredibly lovely and nice. We talked a bit about art and painting and storytelling and life. Most of the interviews I did were via email and Clive was one of the few that I actually spoke to on the phone, so perhaps that was part of the difference.

As a funny aside to that, I got to tell him the story of how my husband and I are partly together because of Hellraiser. See, my husband and his roommate in college decided that they were going to meet ALL the girls in our dorm. They spent a week helping girls move in, carrying their stuff up flights of stairs, etc., etc. (somehow they missed helping me with my mini fridge though…). Anyway, at the end of all that, they invited every single girl they had met to a movie night. They rented a VCR (yes, this was a long time ago), which was no easy thing when you were a new college student with no credit card) and a stack of movies.

The Hellraiser movies.

This is the part of their plan that was a bit faulty, I think. Anyway, so there they are, two guys and probably about 20 or 30 girls, having a Hellraiser movie night. I wound up sitting in front of my now-hubby and we’ve been together ever since.

**For those that don’t know, I was the founder of YA Books Central, one of the largest (and pretty much the first) teen lit sites on the Internet. I ran it for over ten years before turning it over to other capable hands (as I was moving to the UK). It’s still going strong, currently under the leadership of C.J. Redwine, who is awesome.

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