So, what are you working on now?

(Question from Emily on Twitter. You too can ask me anything.)

I’m so glad you asked. No, really. Because I’m totally in love with what I’ve been working on — both right now (a new book I started with the new year) and the one I recently finished (and is currently out with my agent…wish it luck). Both are middle grade (ages 8+) fantasies, though they are very different.

Why am I so in love with these books? Well, to be honest, after ASK ME I was determined to write an adult book. Crime fiction. I’d had a short story published that had a character I really loved and wanted to expand upon: a female hit man. But, you know, with humour and gory jokes and severed hands in purses. Because that’s how I roll. I worked on that sucker for what felt like ages and nearly finished it. Maybe I will finish it one day (or maybe I’ll re-write it down to be YA, which is more likely) but I had to stop writing it. Maybe I’m too nice. Maybe I’m too silly. But that book was killing me. I’ve never felt so miserable writing anything before. I think I deleted more words than I wrote and that’s not normal for me at all. I draft fairly clean. So I put it in the metaphorical drawer and pulled out some younger ideas I’d been sitting on.

And it was like sparkly unicorn-poop fueled magic. Writing was suddenly something I wanted to do again rather than something I was making myself do. It was fun. And it was something I could share with my son (who is now about to turn 9 and has a weird sense of humour…I wonder where he gets it from).

So, anyway, to actually answer your question…the pitch-y blurb of the book I am working on now would be:


A lowly apprentice accidentally becomes the world’s greatest wizard and soon finds out it isn’t at all fun when everyone wants something from you. He embarks on an epic adventure to rid himself of his “curse” while dodging jealous wizards, trolls, and scheming gnomes. With his ungrateful and argumentative new friend at his side, who just so happens to almost be a hag, the Kingdoms will never know what hit them.

Or, you know, something like that.

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