The Poeming: Rage

RageI quite possibly briefly lost my mind last month when a fellow writer was asking for volunteers to participate in The Poeming: a found poetry project featuring the works of Stephen King. See, they were having issues finding someone to cover RAGE, one of the Bachman Books (King wrote some novels/novellas under a pseudonym way back when), because it is out of print. Well, I happen to own a copy.

Sure, I said, I’ll do it!

Because certainly October isn’t already busy enough and I have time to write a found poem every day. Totes possible.

Anyway, so here I am in October and The Poeming has started. You can find all of my RAGE found poetry at (Rage) Against the Machine over on Tumblr.

It’s an interesting experiment. I decided, since the novel has roughly 31 chapters, that I would base each poem on one chapter. And, after I started, I decided (rather arbitrarily) that I would start at the end; that is, each poem starts with the last line of the chapter (or at least part of the last line).

I wasn’t sure when I started what I was going to explore. I didn’t want to do a re-hash of the book itself. I think what it is turning into is a twirl into madness through one person’s eyes. Maybe not exactly the Charlie Decker (the protagonist) of the book, but someone teetering on the edge.

I think they’ll be best read going from the Chapter One poem on to the end, but feel free to pop over any time and let me know what you think.


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