Happy World Book Day!

You’ve gotta love a day that celebrates books and reading! I know I do. This morning I did a fantasy map building workshop for Max’s class and found them to be amazingly creative cartographers! It was loads of fun and I think the kids had a great time.

And this afternoon I had a Skype visit with a school that was just really, really lovely. There was an entire roomful of kids but they were just incredible — so quiet and attentive and they asked great questions. Skypes can sometimes be a bit rough if there are technical difficulties and sometimes kids don’t stay as engaged as when you are physically in the room with them, but these kids were absolutely brilliant. Plus, many of them were dressed up for World Book Day! I saw everything from Hermione to Katniss to an Oompa Loompa to Thing 1 and many more. I rather wish I had been there in person to see them all up close.

I really enjoyed it and I hope they did too. Now I’m itchy to set up my next author visit (Skype or otherwise)! It’s so much fun to connect with readers. 🙂

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